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Aluminium enterprises in order enough aluminum price to become a market variable

Apr 08 , 2021

April 7, Shanghai aluminum main contract price back, the closing price of the day lost 17,500 yuan, the night continued to oscillate.Financial news agency reporters interviewed a number of aluminum enterprises to learn that at present, sufficient orders, sales no problem.In the view of industry analysts, the strong downstream demand for aluminum prices have a supportive role, but the price will be too high for the downstream will have a suppressing effect on the willingness to receive the goods, some aluminum processing plants are worried about later order shrinking.

"Some are rigid needs, should or should be, so far so good."Henan electrolytic aluminum listed company staff said that downstream customers can accept the current price, the company's product sales are normal.

Central parts of a "coal - electricity - aluminum - aluminum processing" integration of executives of listed companies, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum processing capacity of the company are in operation, price fluctuations have an impact on the industry, in terms of aluminum processing enterprises, if has its aluminium resources is less affected, there is no aluminium, need to adopt the aluminum processing enterprises can weaken the effect of hedging.

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