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Aluminum foil coil processing equipment |

Mar 17 , 2021

There are many kinds of aluminum coil processing equipment. Today we will talk about aluminum coil uncoiler, winder, and unwinder. The unwinding machine is used for different specifications of aluminum coils, aluminum plates, stainless steel plates, color steel plates, after uncoiling, leveling, and shearing into flat plates with the required length and width.

The unwinding machine is used for fully automatic unwinding of film laminating and bag making equipment in the production process. The unwinding machine adopts double-station unwinding, automatic winding, automatic deviation correction, and automatic tension control. The cloth and paper rolls wound on the core are arranged on the unwinding rack through the air expansion shaft, and the two ends of the air expansion shaft are installed with safety chucks. Automatic servo electric cylinder correction, more flexible and accurate than hydraulic correction, more compact and stable than ball screw correction, torsion beam tension sensor, higher detection accuracy, faster response speed, proportional servo PID pneumatic tension control, and magnetic powder clutch The control is more flexible, precise and environmentally friendly. Fully automatic unwinding, reducing downtime caused by unwinding, freeing up the labor of the operator, and reducing working procedures.

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