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Aluminum foil lunch boxes may gradually replace plastic ones

Aug 17 , 2020

In 2020, with the introduction of restrictions on plastic packaging products, aluminum foil ushered in a broader market.Aluminum foil as a meal box, catering containers have many characteristics and advantages, including: safety and health, high and low temperature resistance, green environmental protection, renewable energy conservation, good sealing, high-grade beautiful, convenient and fast.

At present, the use of aluminum foil containers and household food packaging has been very common abroad.However, due to consumption habits, consumption concepts, awareness and other reasons, various countries and regions have great differences in consumption fields and consumption levels, and still have great potential for development and application. It is urgent to strengthen the development of applicable products, spread successful experiences and cases, and advocate and promote their application through multiple efforts.In China, in addition to aviation aluminum foil meal boxes and baking containers, the use of aluminum foil meal boxes and containers has been widely promoted in People's Daily life in recent years.

The market development and application examples of relevant enterprises also show that aluminum foil fast food boxes are suitable for China's national conditions and can be completely used in food and beverage takeout, distribution, pre-packaged food industry, as well as in the family, and can replace a large number of plastic and paper lunch boxes.It can be predicted that the expanded application of aluminum foil meal boxes and containers is an important choice to promote green consumption, protect food safety, save food and practice the concept of sustainable development.

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