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How much do you know about the plastic limit

How much do you know about the plastic limit

Mar 31 , 2021

In the National Development and Reform Commission and other 9 departments issued the "plastic limit order" document, clearly defined the use of some plastic products types, as a plastic industry practitioners, must be familiar with, and as soon as possible to complete the transformation of the enterprise, go to the degradation of environmental protection way up.

1, the thickness of less than 0.025mm of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags

Thin plastic shopping bags less than 0.025mm thick for holding and carrying articles;The scope of application refers to GB/T 21661 "plastic shopping bag" standard.

2, the thickness of less than 0.01 mm polyethylene agricultural plastic film

Non-degradable agricultural ground covering film with thickness less than 0.01 mm made of polyethylene as main raw material;The scope of application, film thickness and mechanical properties should refer to GB13735 "Polyethylene blow molding agricultural ground covering film" standard.

3, disposable foamed plastic tableware

Disposable plastic tableware made of foam.

4. Disposable plastic swabs

Disposable cotton swabs made of plastic rods, excluding related medical devices.

5. Daily chemical products containing plastic microbeads

In order to play the role of grinding, exfoliating and cleaning, the leaching cosmetics with solid plastic particles with particle size less than 5 mm are added intentionally (such as bath agent, facial cleanser, scrub cream, shampoo, etc.) and toothpaste and toothpowder.

6. Manufacture plastic products with medical waste as raw materials

It is forbidden to use the medical waste included in the Regulations on the Management of Medical Waste and the Classification Catalogue of Medical Waste as raw materials to produce plastic products.

7. Non-degradable plastic bags

Non-degradable plastic shopping bags used for dressing up and carrying articles in shopping malls, supermarkets, drugstores, bookstores, food and beverage takeaway service, exhibition activities, etc., excluding plastic pre-packing bags, continuous roll bags and fresh keeping bags used for holding bulk fresh food, cooked food, pasta and other commodities for the purpose of hygiene and food safety.

8. Disposable plastic tableware

Disposable non-degradable plastic knives, forks and spoons used in restaurant service, excluding disposable plastic tableware used for pre-packaged food.

9. Disposable plastic straws

Disposable non-degradable plastic straws used for drinking liquid food in catering services, excluding the plastic straws on the outer packaging of milk, beverage and other food.

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