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The pregnant whale carcass was stuffed with 44 kilograms of plastic

The pregnant whale carcass was stuffed with 44 kilograms of plastic

Nov 09 , 2020

The image, taken in Sweden, was inspired by the discovery of a pregnant whale carcass stuffed with 44kg of plastic.At first glance, I wonder if you are also shocked by the designer's fantastic idea.But instead of thinking about the human use of plastic products, not properly disposing of non-biodegradable plastics brings ecological persecution.

What can we do as an isolated individual?

Please recycle the plastic bags you have

Straw or steel straws can be used instead of plastic straws, just keep them in your bag, office, or home.

3. Frozen tupperware can replace disposable plastic bags

4 Aluminum foil rolls Aluminum foil lunch boxes can replace plastic disposable lunch boxes.

5. Use your own cutlery instead of takeout

6. Do not use cosmetic products that contain microplastics and microplastics

The above mentioned, all without technical content.We can't change the business, but we can change ourselves.If we don't reduce the use of plastic, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world.We should focus on the future, the beauty of the earth needs every one of us to love!

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