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Why choose aluminum foil lunch box?

Why choose aluminum foil lunch box?

Feb 04 , 2021

In recent years, aluminum foil lunch box has become a kind of tableware widely used. The thickness of Aluminium Foil Lunch Box is generally between 0.03mm and 0.20mm. After cold rolling or hot rolling, the thickness is uniform and the surface is smooth, which occupies the market share. So why choose aluminum foil lunch boxes? Let's learn about it with me!

1. Moreover, the aluminum foil in the recycling process does not meet the national standards for the production of harmful substances. Aluminum lunch box product series are more used in aviation food and cake food retail, update speed is fast, consumption is large, suitable for bulk sales. Lunch Box Aluminium Foil are widely used in the cooking and packaging of cake food stores.

2. It has outstanding barrier performance: on the premise of enough aluminum foil thickness, it can basically block gas and moisture. Therefore, aluminum foil is a common barrier material in plastic flexible packaging materials, and aluminum foil has a series of advantages, such as light weight, airtight and good encapsulation. It is mainly sanitary, beautiful, and can be kept warm to a certain extent.

3. The surface of aluminum foil food box is coated, which has nothing to do with the thickness of aluminum foil.

4. Aluminum foil lunch boxes not only meet the national food container hygiene standards, but also adapt to the international environmental protection trend. The product can be put in the microwave oven, which brings convenience to our life.

5. The used lunch box can be recycled, reducing pollution, saving resources, is a good choice.

With the continuous development of social economy, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. Aluminum foil lunch box has developed rapidly in recent years, and many enterprises have begun to seize the market. The future prospect will be more and more broad, which will bring us more benefits!

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