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Briefing on aluminium prices in China |

Mar 03 , 2021

On 2nd, Changjiang 16900 lost 130 discount by 30, Nan Chu 16910 lost 150;Overnight Shanghai aluminum main 2104 up 540 at 17,475, LME aluminum 2225.5 up 68.5.

Macroscopically, US bond yields fell, market optimism improved.

Fundamental aspect, SMM inventory on 1 day to 1.142 million tons, 60 thousand tons more than last Thursday, because of the pre-holiday restrictions on East China to northwest, the arrival peak is late;During the same period, steel union statistics aluminum rod inventory of 275,500 tons, an increase of 2,000 tons compared with last Thursday,aluminum rod to replace aluminumin got comparative advantage is significant, significant storage.

Strategy recommendations:aluminum prices rise too fast, inhibit, downstream demand for work;Economic recovery, monetary easing, strong inflation expectations, but the US bond yields rise, risk assets volatility is large, short-term sentiment has been adjusted, can be appropriate wait and wait for sentiment adjustment to bullish opportunities.

As our aluminum foil products have the most direct relationship with the aluminum price, the recent price has a relatively short term of validity, please note to our customers

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