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  • 21Jan
    ALUMINUM FOIL RAW MATERIAL | Aluminium Foil Containers Suppliers

    Aluminum foil is a high quality material,it has waterprof ,anti-oil ,anti-light ,termal,insulation and  other functions,recyclable and environmentally friendly .Because of its unique combination of properties,which is widely used in food packaging ,medical packaging,aerospace,electronics ,machinery construction decoration and other fields. our company is specializedin producton of production ...

  • 04Jan
    2021 is comming | Aluminium Foil Containers Suppliers

    2021 as promised, with the bells of hope we enter the New Year! In 2020, we face a difficult and difficult time,but we have done our best to serve our customers around the world First of all, thank you for believing in our customers as always, our company will always be committed to better development and sales of aluminum foil lunch boxes.In the New Year, hope and challenge coexist. The impa...

  • 22Dec
    What does your aluminum foil takeout box look like?

    Have you noticed that the take-out packaging is changing quietly, and plastic lunch boxes are gradually being replaced by aluminum foil lunch boxes with better sealing and insulation performance?Do these "high look" and "high performance" boxes fit your "temperament"?Why do more and more merchants begin to favor it?   Aluminum foil has been widely used in various fields.From Christmas tree de...

  • 15Dec
    How to set up an aluminum foil roll production line |

    Today we are going to share how to set up an aluminum foil roll production line, hoping to give some advice to those who need it. First of all, you need an open yard for placing the raw materials for the aluminum foil coil, the aluminum foil rewinding machine, the aluminum foil tube cutting machine, and the aluminum foil coil products produced. The main machines to buy are aluminum foil rewinding ...

  • 07Dec
    Special notice——The shipping company will have an early holiday this Spring Festival

    Dear customers of NANJING ATS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD, as well as friends who are browsing the information of our company's page, hello! Our company is committed to the research, development, production and sales of aluminum foil products, with most of the best-selling aluminum foil products models and sizes in the market. 2020 is coming to an end. Wish everyone a merry Christmas!And it's getting be...

  • 27Nov
    We could provide aluminum foil-paper lid for whatever size container

    Dear  friend ! Welcome to NANJING ATS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. We are proffesional aluminum foil products factory ,which has almost all kinds of popular aluminum foil products . With the popularity of aluminum foil lunch box, the market demand and use of aluminum foil lunch box is increasing.In order to better serve customers, our company launched aluminum foil high-sided lunch box to provide ...

  • 25Nov
    The development trend of aluminum foil in packaging application is good

    With the economic transformation and structural adjustment, continuous upgrading of green consumption, constant changes in people's lifestyle, aluminum foil packaging ushered in new opportunities, market share continues to grow, and become a segment of the aluminum industry to maintain growth.At present, aluminum foil packaging has been widely used in food, beverage, medicine, daily chemicals and ...

  • 23Nov
    Thanksgiving dinner is served with Turkey on an aluminum foil plate

    Roast Turkey is a dish made mainly from poultry and Turkey in North America.Roast Turkey is an essential dish on the Thanksgiving and Christmas tables in the West.The tools people use to roast Turkey are mainly electric ovens or more primitive charcoal and Disposable turkey pan. This dish originated in 1620, the English immigrants to thank the Indians who saved them, the immigrants held a rich Tha...

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