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  • 10Sep
    Aluminum prices are easy to rise but hard to fall

    Worries about contraction on the supply side continue to ferment. Guangxi reduced the output of electrolytic aluminum and alumina in September, and attention needs to be paid to the actual implementation; Changji, Xinjiang has requested that output be restricted in August, but other areas in Xinjiang have temporarily restricted production; Qinghai has not yet given specific restrictions; while alu...

  • 10Aug

    NANJING ATS INTERNATIOANL CO.,LTD. is a professional & responsible manufacturer on disposable aluminum foil containers, aluminum foil rolls, punching machines and Cling film .We specialized in the research and develop of the aluminum foil products , we can supply almost all series aluminum foil containers, just like Round series, Rectangular Series, Airline mealbox series, Multi-Grid lunch box...

  • 24Jun
    Encyclopedia knowledge of aluminum foil

    Aluminum foil material is used in many products (1) Air-conditioning foil Air conditioner foil is a special material for manufacturing heat exchanger fins for air conditioners. The air conditioner foil used in the early days is plain foil. In order to improve the surface performance of the plain foil, an anticorrosive inorganic coating and a hydrophilic organic coating are applied before forming t...

  • 20Apr

    NANJING ATS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD is a professional aluminum foil product research and development, production, sales as one of the integrated production enterprises, after years of unremitting efforts has developed into China's aluminum foil industry innovative advanced enterprises.The company is committed to upgrading the traditional aluminum foil packaging industry, such as household aluminum f...

  • 08Apr
    Aluminium enterprises in order enough aluminum price to become a market variable

    April 7, Shanghai aluminum main contract price back, the closing price of the day lost 17,500 yuan, the night continued to oscillate.Financial news agency reporters interviewed a number of aluminum enterprises to learn that at present, sufficient orders, sales no problem.In the view of industry analysts, the strong downstream demand for aluminum prices have a supportive role, but the price will be...

  • 17Mar
    Aluminum foil coil processing equipment |

    There are many kinds of aluminum coil processing equipment. Today we will talk about aluminum coil uncoiler, winder, and unwinder. The unwinding machine is used for different specifications of aluminum coils, aluminum plates, stainless steel plates, color steel plates, after uncoiling, leveling, and shearing into flat plates with the required length and width. The unwinding machine is used for ful...

  • 03Mar
    Briefing on aluminium prices in China |

    On 2nd, Changjiang 16900 lost 130 discount by 30, Nan Chu 16910 lost 150;Overnight Shanghai aluminum main 2104 up 540 at 17,475, LME aluminum 2225.5 up 68.5. Macroscopically, US bond yields fell, market optimism improved. Fundamental aspect, SMM inventory on 1 day to 1.142 million tons, 60 thousand tons more than last Thursday, because of the pre-holiday restrictions on East China to northwest, th...

  • 21Jan
    ALUMINUM FOIL RAW MATERIAL | Aluminium Foil Containers Suppliers

    Aluminum foil is a high quality material,it has waterprof ,anti-oil ,anti-light ,termal,insulation and  other functions,recyclable and environmentally friendly .Because of its unique combination of properties,which is widely used in food packaging ,medical packaging,aerospace,electronics ,machinery construction decoration and other fields. our company is specializedin producton of production ...

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