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Quality assurance

In order to protect the vital interests of consumers and ensure the quality and safety of our products, we hereby draw up the product quality guarantee certificate.

(1) Strictly abide by the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.In the production and processing of aluminum foil products, to ensure that the production and marketing of the premise of obtaining production licenses.

(2) Ensure the health of the personnel engaged in food production and processing, no infectious diseases, and maintain good personal hygiene.

(3Ensure the implementation of standardized management in the whole process of production.

(4Where there are no provisions on compulsory standards, the standards adopted by the enterprise shall be clearly stated, and production shall be organized according to such standards.

(5). Ensure that there are environmental conditions for continuous product quality assurance.

(6) Ensure the scientific processing process of food-grade packaging, and strictly control the key points of production.

(7)Ensure that the raw materials used in production conform to the relevant regulations and standards of the state, strictly implement the incoming goods inspection system, and ensure that the packaging, tools and equipment are non-toxic and harmless, conform to the relevant hygienic requirements and have no pollution.

(8) Ensure that the products pass strict inspection before leaving the factory and the quality of the products is qualified.

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