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The development trend of aluminum foil in packaging application is good

Nov 25 , 2020

With the economic transformation and structural adjustment, continuous upgrading of green consumption, constant changes in people's lifestyle, aluminum foil packaging ushered in new opportunities, market share continues to grow, and become a segment of the aluminum industry to maintain growth.At present, aluminum foil packaging has been widely used in food, beverage, medicine, daily chemicals and other fields, to ensure the freshness and safety of food, extend the preservation period, reduce food waste, and reduce plastic packaging, protect the ecological environment.Aluminum foil packaging can promote the sustainability of packaging products and contribute to green consumption, but it also faces a lot of controversy and material competition.The current market environment and its changes have put forward new challenges and new requirements for the aluminum foil material and aluminum foil industry. The aluminum foil industry is adapting to the new situation, accelerating product upgrading and transformation of growth mode, and taking the road of sustainable development.

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