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What does your aluminum foil takeout box look like?

Dec 22 , 2020

Have you noticed that the take-out packaging is changing quietly, and plastic lunch boxes are gradually being replaced by aluminum foil lunch boxes with better sealing and insulation performance?Do these "high look" and "high performance" boxes fit your "temperament"?Why do more and more merchants begin to favor it?

 Custom Aluminum Foil Lunch Boxes Manufacturer 

Aluminum foil has been widely used in various fields.From Christmas tree decoration to spacecraft insulation, from building materials to food packaging, aluminum foil has improved our products and our lives in many ways.Coated aluminum foil lunch box is a disposable meal box made of aluminum. It is a new type of food and beverage delivery container. Compared with other food boxes made of other materials, it has more excellent characteristics.Coated aluminum foil lunch box

1. Coated aluminum foil meal box is made of high-quality aluminum foil, with high hardness, smooth appearance without folds, fashionable and beautiful

2.Strong heat and cold resistance, good insulation performance.Coated aluminum foil meal box can be directly used for microwave, oven, open fire, steam stove and other ways of heating, safer and more sanitary.

China coated aluminum foil lunch box

3.Strengthen the process, safer, more environmental protection, non-stick, easy to use

coated aluminum foil lunch box

4.High temperature plastic sealing, strong sealing, food is not easy to spill

5 In the context of people's increasing concern about environmental protection, it is more in line with the modern life concept of health, safety and environmental protection. More and more people will come into contact with and use coated aluminum foil lunch box. Do you have aluminum foil lunch box on your table?

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